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Payload Release Mechanism Test



The test involved repeatedly dropping the payload container mass from a bench test rig


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The test comprised of two factors: 

1) To test the reliability of a COTS payload system from older years aircraft. 

2) To test how many of the payload mechanism would be needed (we tested 2, 4 and 6)



A test stand with inter-changeable mounting plates was used so that we could change the number of payload mechanisms used.  We recorded how often the payload successfully dropped and how easy it was to load up again.



Payload drop reliability was good however there were very narrow tolerances to ensure it could be loaded easily so reliability for loading was poor.  The test box was also weak so we are waiting for official box to arrive.  We likely won't go with the COTS system we have and will focus instead on developing another solution.  For the COTS system, 6 units in a 3x2 grid was the best