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Single Boreas Motor Test

8th December 2020
A benchmark test of a single motor with Boreas modifications to determine the thrust and power provided

Flight Test 2

6th December 2020

A test of the autopilot involving two flights. with manual take-offs and landings with the main portion of the flights flown automatically

Flight Test 1

2nd December 2020
A preliminary stage to calibrate auto tuning of the aircraft so it can fly-by-wire as well as completing a manual flight

Payload Release Mechanism Test

13th November 2020
Repeated testing of COTS payload mechanism in order to calculate reliability and failure rates to compare with success criteria

Wing Bending Test

10th November 2020
Comparing the strength of Gorilla glue vs Deluxe Model Rocket card glue for last year’s wing design in order to compare the weights and select an adhesive

Blocked Propeller Test

3rd November 2020
A reduced performance case for testing a Turniguy Aerodrive SK3 4250-500 with a 14”x7” propeller by mimicking the influence of the fuselage at the propeller inlet

Static Thrust Test

10th October 2020
Static thrust benchmark testing using the RC Benchmark 1580 to gather data about a Turniguy Aerodrive SK3 4250-500 with different propellers to find the propeller that provides the best performance for the 2020-2021 design point

Image Recognition Accuracy Test

10th October 2020
A test to gather data to validate the accuracy of the neural network which powers our neural network in order to ensure it can recognise and classify images that were not seen in the training process