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About Us

Loughborough in IMechE

Since 2014, Loughborough students have partaken in the annual IMechE UAS Challenge competing with a plethora of university teams across the UK and internationally. Loughborough has formed groups of keen aeronautical engineering students to take part in this anticipated event for generations, innovating and producing designs to compete but most importantly demonstrate their engineering skills through their aircraft and team cohesion. 


Project Zeus 2014-2015

Overcoming COVID19 in 2020/21

Many hours and much effort has been put onto the task of maintaining safety procedures within our facilities during the pandemic. Loughborough University continues to strive through this hardship by ensuring the safety of all students with ongoing investigations on risk assessments for every venue. The major contributing factor that sustains the campus' to remain open is from our students, following government guidance and working together to keep everyone safe within the community. Our students are the reason why we are able to take part in projects like the UAS challenge and we cannot thank our students enough for their effort in bearing with this difficult time.

Our Team

"It has given me an insight into the design and development process, as well as allowing me to apply all the knowledge I have learnt in my degree, solidifying my understanding of everything. "

Rosie Leishman Airframe Design

"The best piece of advice I would give other students looking to get involved in future years would be to ask as many questions as you can because this is the best way to learn and understand more about the UAS Challenge."

Georgina Mitchell Airframe Design

"Great opportunity to take my knowledge learnt from both outside and inside the degree specification and apply it to a full scale project."

Hayden Wong Digital Systems

"Tangible experience from course content. Allows you to meet similarly minded students from different years, sharing ideas, knowledge and experience."

Tomas Oliver Management

"The challenge provides a real engineering environment for students like myself to take part in, I gain practical experience in working in teams and with other engineers/computer scientists. "

Navid Amir Support      

"The IMechE UAS Challenge allows me to increase manufacturing skills and team work skills and is cool to be a part of so DO IT."

Ali Wasim 2
Ali Wasim Manufacturing

This is also an opportunity to network with people and companies, therefore if you develop an interest do not hesitate to join us in the forthcoming future! 

The Challenge

"The IMechE UAS Challenge allows you to explore the theory you're taught and apply in a useful manner. There's only so much one can learn in lecture halls and libraries. When you come to apply that knowledge, you begin to see it in a completely different way to how it's taught. But at the same time, it helps you become a more well-rounded and proficient engineer."

Shayne Beegadhur - Chief Project Coordinator 

Our Values


Our goal is to produce UAVs with a high level of reliability to ensure consistent performance for any mission within or outside the IMechE UAS Challenge.


One of our primary objectives is to complete the design, development, testing, production and retirement of all our aircraft in a sustainable manner. 


In creating and validating new systems and designs, we aim to publicise our process to ensure complete transparency to all our customers.